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Your Intimate Wedding Videographer & Photographer


What's Up! I'm Charles.

In this section I could talk about how I picked up my first camera in 2014 and that's how I fell in love with photography & filmmaking which would be great, but that's not why you're reading this.

Let's be real, hiring a videographer for your wedding can be scary.

I knew that when I started and it fueled me to try my absolute hardest to making sure the experience was as amazing as possible for my couples.

That's when I created Must C Films.


We're not all natural models. Especially me. Most of my couples tell me they're "super awkward" and have no idea how to look good in a photograph.

Don't worry, I got you. My approach to photography videography and weddings is a little different than the norm. I focus on bringing out your LOVE for each other, and capturing memories and moments instead of poses.

I want you to focus on each other, not the camera. The result is you get magazine worthy, authentic, candid, lovable videos and images without feeling like you just had a photoshoot.

My entire focus is your experience. Wedding photography is a premium service and I treat it as one. First, you're not my clients, you're my new friends. From the second you inquire all the way to your video and gallery delivery I go above and beyond to make your wedding experience incredible, from meeting, to planning, to shooting, to delivering.

So whether you're having a wedding at a stunning venue in Jacksonville Florida where I live, or you're or in another country, I'll be there for you every step of the way.


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